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After Henry

Joan Didion 319 Pages | 2013

Displaying the same uncanny gifts for observation, portraiture, and understanding that marked her two prior celebrated essay collections—Slouching Towards Bethlehem and The White Album—Joan Didion takes us inside the overlapping worlds of... More

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Gail Caldwell for The Boston Globe

Poised somewhere between doom and realism, Joan Didion has great instincts for metaphor. She can take an ordinary object [and] make it as ominous as a scene out of Hitchcock. The voice is straight from the California desert -- flat, dry, sometimes... More

Hendrik Hertzberg for The New York Times Book Review

Joan Didion writes well. More often than not, she writes beautifully... [Her] reportorial pieces, whatever their other merits and demerits, afford the pleasures of literature. "After Henry" shows that the author of 1968's "Slouching Towards Bethlehem"... More

Martin Amis for The London Review of Books

A volatile, occasionally brilliant, distinctly female contribution to the new New Journalism, diffident and imperious by turns, intimate yet categorical, self-effacingly listless and at the same time often subtly self-serving. She can still find her own... More


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