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Joan Didion 239 Pages | 2013

“Havana vanities come to dust in Miami,” writes Joan Didion at the start of Miami, a book that looks beyond the city’s bright pastel facades and sunlit beaches to shadowed scenes, dark history. Didion trains her penetrating vision on... More

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Richard Eder for The Los Angeles Times

A powerfully seductive exploration of the political maelstrom in Miami. She sees, in the vortex plotting by exiles against Castro's Cuba and Ortega's Nicaragua, and in the splintering rivalries among the exiles themselves, something far beyond... More

Alexia Nader for Guernica

The best book about the place I’ve ever read... In Miami, Didion as a guide is willing to poke around and listen. We trust her because she lets us in to her process of discovery—the collection of facts, and her counterintuitive... More

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt for The New York Times

The world of ''Miami'' is filtered through the author's style, and it is that style that we soon become most immediately aware of... She persuades us soon enough that violence can break out anywhere, anytime in the Miami she has gotten... More


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