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The New Hunger

Isaac Marion 140 Pages | 2013

The end of the world didn't happen overnight. After years of war, societal breakdown, freak storms and rising tides, humanity was already near the edge. Then came a threat no one could have expected: all the world's corpses rising up to make more. To... More

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Kelly West on The New Hunger

The New Hunger [does] a nice job of fleshing out the background stories of Nora, Julie and a newly born zombie who's trying to figure things out.... Nora is 16 and traveling with her little brother Addis. [We] know less about Nora than we do Julie from... More

Lucy on The New Hunger

Packs in a lot of zombie lore and action.... [It] takes place 6 years before the events of Warm Bodies and centers around three characters from that world, Julie, Nora, and R, and how their lives intersect.... [Nora] and [little brother Addis] are on foot in... More

Preeti Chhibber on The New Hunger

The New Hunger turned out to be an exciting precursor to the Warm Bodies world I was familiar with. Julie and Norah’s stories were desperate and sad (sometimes too much so), but it was really R’s story that I wanted to read. His sections of the... More


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