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The White Album

Joan Didion 223 Pages | 2013

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” So begins Joan Didion’s legendary essay collection The White Album, a landmark literary mosaic by one of American writing’s true greats illuminating in unerring prose subjects ranging from... More

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Robert Towers for The New York Times Book Review

The title essay of Joan Didion’s new collection is the best short piece on the late 1960s that I have yet read... All of the essays—even the slightest—manifest not only [Didion’s] intelligence, but an instinct for details that... More

John Leonard for The New York Times

"The White Album" is full of Miss Didion as a reporter and Californian... The self is always there but, unlike too much New Journalism, so are the facts-on orchid breeding, on the theory of the shopping mall, on how water moves around in aqueducts, on Bogota... More

The New Yorker

Didion manages to make the sorry stuff of troubled times (bike movies, for instance, and Bishop James Pike) as interesting and suggestive as the monuments that win her dazzled admiration (Georgia O’Keeffe, the Hoover Dam, the mountains around Bogota).... More


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